Alphabet Series

An Early Learning Alphabet Series

Learning your ABC is the first step on the road to reading, writing and good communication skills. Making the ABC fun for the under-fives is what this series of books is about.

It is a set of books that little ones and their Mum’s and Dad’s should want to collect, with each story introducing a new alphabet character.

Written in rhyme, the books are relatively short, whilst being captivating and humorous. They are fantastic little night-time stories and will keep both parent and child amused.

Each book also carries an individual educational message and we have some really good educational marketing ideas for the development of this series too.

We have a fantastic brand (including domains) for the 26 books to be promoted under.

Currently 6 books are written but the remaining 20 books could be completed and illustrated by the end of 2019, if we were commissioned to produce them.

An extract from the book text

One day she finally had enough

As whilst trying to point her toes                              

She tripped over on her ballet lace

And landed on her nose

Example Audio Clip