New Character Series

Our “Big Character” Series

So, this is the jewel in our crown, our piece de resistance, our golden nugget, and it’s what we really want to tell you about. Sadly, we can’t say too much online… yet!

However, what we can say, is that we have a series of rhyming picture books with an amazing central character and a brilliant brand that we are ready to take to market.

We have outlined some reasons why we think publishing houses, literary agents, licencing companies, TV/ Film and Animation companies and toy companies could benefit from finding out more about what we have developed and what we are doing.

  • Very strong brand
  • Memorable brand
  • Strong unique characters – unusual, one of a kind
  • Strong rhyming text
  • Good story lines – 2 series of 8 books planned
  • Colourful illustrations – vibrant, modern & easy to adapt to digital
  • Unique educational touches
  • Digital plans & expertise – website, social media, apps and audio etc.