Prickly Pickle

A Prickly Pickle

This is the heart-warming story of two mischievous little hedgehogs who get their prickles stuck together when playing “Roll down the haystack”.

Set in the sleepy village of Hedgehog Hill, you can almost hear the trickle of the stream when looking at the wonderful illustrations.

The story is “old school” style. It has a distinct beginning, middle and end and there is a good moral to the story with an educational message.

It is somewhat Beatrix Potteresque and those parents that like the classics, will like this.

Aimed at 3-5 year olds, this is one of a few stories in our collection that is not written in rhyme.

An extract from the book text

Soon, the twins were enjoying their favourite game

Of climbing to the top of the big yellow haystack,

Then curling up into tight little balls,

And rolling quickly all the way down to the bottom.

Every time they did it they landed in a messy heap,

Then lay giggling on their prickly backs with their feet in the air.

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