About Trevor

Trevor has always loved reading, his first truly remembered book is “The Adventures Of Wonk”, now worth a fortune. Trevor left his primary school with a treasured copy of “The Time Machine” given to him by his teacher, his own personal copy. He signed up to “Roger Moore and the Crimefighters” book club, loved The Adventurous Four and The Terror of Fu Manchu. Trevor is an avid Comic Book reader and collector, mainly Marvel, of course.

Life is never boring. Trevor wears many hats. He produces voiceovers, writes songs, is trained in typography and design, comperes a talent show and writes reviews for a light entertainment magazine and website.

Highlights of his career are Head of Production at The Stage, which provides news and services for the UK theatre, entertainment and performing arts industry and appearing as an extra for two seconds in an episode of 24, his all time favourite TV drama.