About Emma

Emma, was once one of those children who loved writing poetry in her spare time. This resulted in her winning school poetry competitions and being sent on day retreats with famous authors to hone her poetic skill. Poetry is something she has always loved but a long career in sales and marketing left poetry at the wayside as something she could only do as a hobby. Until now that is!

Emma has spent over 20 years working in the field of sales and marketing. She is an extremely high calibre sales professional and marketer and she has held numerous senior level digital marketing positions for well-known brands.

Whilst she was able to use her creative ability in many ways during her career, Emma felt unfulfilled creatively. She always had a burning desire to write more and in 2016 she decided to change to part-time employment so she could do this.

A love of poetic writing coupled with a marketing brain, commercial awareness and a creative streak led Emma to the realisation that the children’s picture book market is where she should be focusing her efforts. This was somewhere where she could be as creative and imaginative as she wanted but she knew if she got the marketing aspects right, that unlike “poetry”, the commercial potential was vast.

Emma also really liked the idea of writing for children for various reasons. One main reason, is that despite being a digital marketing specialist, Emma is a firm believer in the importance of the art of face to face communication. She believes that strong communication skills lead to a wealth of opportunities and feels that learning how to communicate well is something that every child in the UK should have the opportunity to do. Emma thinks that picture books (and in particular rhyming picture books) help children learn about language and communication at the very earliest stages of life.

Emma would feel privileged to be a part of helping more children improve their communication skills and hopes to achieve this by getting The Books and Games Ltd books onto bookshelves throughout the UK.