Fantasy Featherbird

The Fantasy Featherbird

This book is all about the illustrations. The text lends itself to the use of vibrant colours and illustrations that jump off the page and it is set to be a book that children will want to turn the pages of time and again.

Set in a fantasy land, many worlds away, it is pure poetic imagination, taking the reader to a wonderfully colourful, make believe place.

The book is aimed at older children in the 7-12 year old age bracket.

These days, more and more books are being created as collector pieces, with ornate covers and unique packaging ideas. This book is one that should certainly be considered by publishers looking at this area for children, as it a book that could easily remain on bookshelves, to be reread for many years to come.

An extract from the book text

The mermaids are so pretty                                                  

With golden hair down to their tails                                        

Their smiles radiate like rainbows

And they ride on silver whales

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