Games Market


Board games have recently been experiencing a big come back and this is a trend that is by all accounts set to continue.

There are various reasons for the return of the board game. One prominent reason would appear to be nostalgia. A lot of parents today are the children who sat round tables and played classic board games in the ’80s and ’90s. Playing these same games with their children 30 – 40 years later is something that many like and want to do.

But it isn’t just nostalgia that is behind the growth in the board game market. Many other things come into play. A recent report showed that these games can help teach strong communication skills. Alongside this, there is a desire from parents to ensure children take time away from screens. So board games are seen as a pastime that can both educate and help decrease screen time use – things most parents are likely to be keen on.

Also, there is a simple fact that board games bring people together and encourage interaction. They are about communicating, competing and celebrating but overall they are about taking part and enjoying the fun of doing so.

One way in which growth in the sector can clearly be seen is the rise of gaming cafes which are helping to fuel the trend of playing board games in younger generations.

We think there is space in the market for a lot of new board games. We hope that our creative concepts will help to fill some of this space, in what is an expanding and thriving area.