Our Work

At Books And Games Ltd, we have written/illustrated various children’s picture books and devised the brands and concepts for numerous games for different age groups.

We are now looking to work with people in the book publishing, toys, games and licensing sectors in order to take our various products to market.

Our Books

Our Games

Our flagship product is a character aimed at the 4-7 year age group. We think our character has all the correct ingredients to enter the children’s picture books marketplace by storm. We plan to launch this character in 2019.

We have the first 3 picture books for this character written with illustrations produced and the texts and illustrations for the first series (8 books in total) should be completed soon. The concept for a second set of picture books is in the pipeline and plans to take things further than this are also well underway. To find out more about this character and why we think it has so much potential click here.

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